Have you ever studied Chinese before and want to continue? We invite you to take advanced courses to improve your skills and become a true Chinese language and culture expert. These skills will be useful not only for traveling, but will also give you a great advantage when working with people of Chinese culture.

VU Confucius Institute offers Chinese language courses of levels 4-10. Courses are divided into trimesters during the school year: autumn (September-December), winter (January-March), spring (April-May). The duration of one trimester is 40 academic hours.

In response to the growing need to learn Chinese, this year we have also launched courses for entrepreneurs who have or intend to have business relationships with China. This semester we are making a new group of BUSINESS CHINESE courses and we have one continuous group since last semester. Online courses with a flexible schedule in the mornings or during lunch, led by Chinese-speaking teachers. Course duration 8 weeks. Register here.

We announce good news - from the autumn of 2021 we will start working with our new partner-university. It is the East China Normal University, famous for its international projects, clear training system focused on results and practical applicability, and amazing lecturers who join our team this year! Please meet our new instructors:

Lecturer Liu Jiayi 刘嘉怡 holds a bachelor’s degree in Chinese language and literature and a master’s degree in teaching Chinese to foreign languages. The teacher has experience in teaching Chinese to foreigners not only in China but also in Europe. She can be proud of her training certificates and prizes in the 1st and 3rd places in Chinese language teaching competitions.

Lecturer Wang Yan 王彦 is a Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language Teaching, one of the best graduates, winner of the Exceptional Student Competition, and later holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership and Management. Has a variety of work experience both with texts and teaching Chinese. In addition to Chinese, the teacher has also tamed the art of calligraphy. He speaks a little Italian.

We kindly invite you to study with these great instructors. Register here.

Due to the pandemic situation, only online courses of 4-10 Chinese language levels are planned to be held in the autumn semester of 2021. 

We are planning to organize these courses:

HSK2 Chinese Level 4, Wednesdays-Fridays,  5 p.m.–6:30 p. m.  Instructor Liu Jiayi. Starting from 29th September (on Tencent Meeting).

HSK 3 Chinese Level 5, Tuesdays–Thursdays, time 6–7:30 p. m.  Instructor Wang Han. Starting from 2nd September, link for the lesson

HSK4 Chinese Level 7/8, Tuesdays–Thursdays, available times are 8–9:30 a. m.; 12–13:30 p. m. or 4:30–6 p. m.  Instructor Liu Jiayi or Wang Yan. GROUP IS BEING FORMED

HSK5/6 Chinese Level 9/10, Tuesdays–Thursdays, 4:30–6 p. m.  Instructor Liu Jiayi. Starting from 28th September (on Tencent Meeting).

Please note that the minimum size of the group is 6 students and if the group drops to less than 6 students during the course, the VU Confucius Institute is authorized to suspend courses until the minimum group size is reached. In this case, we encourage listeners to join other level groups. The VU Confucius Institute does not guarantee continuity of language teaching for the next trimester due to the drop in numbers.

The learner won't be refunded for missing one lesson. If, during the course, the course attendee misses more than one lesson and there is an important reason for that, like a change of residence (city or country) or serious illness, attendees bank account.

Normally courses take place at the Confucius Institute of Vilnius University, MK Čiurlionis str. 21, 2nd building, 2nd floor.

For more information please contact us: +370 613 11 849 or

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