The “Chinese Bridge”  Chinese Proficiency Competition is a large-scale international competition organized by Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban). Since its launch in 2002, this annual event has been held 17 times and has attracted more than 2,000 university students from over 90 countries to participate in the semi-finals and finals in China. In addition, there are more than 400,000 students all over the world involved in the preliminary rounds. This competition is now an important platform for university students to show their Chinese language and cultural knowledge, and it can be road to success for studing in China.

The competition is intended only for students of Lithuanian universities up to 30 years of age and gymnasium students from 15 years of age, where participants compete in the categories of students and gymnasium students.

The competition takes place in several stages.

In the first stage, the competition takes place locally. The topics of the competition are announced before the competition. The Chinese Language Bridge at our institute takes place every year on the second Saturday in May, where the jury of our institute selects the 2 first place winners in two categories.

The winners of the 1st places of the Lithuanian competition acquire the right to participate in the second stage - the international competition "Chinese Language Bridge", which takes place in China. (Note: due to the pandemic, the competition is running remotely for the second year).

Why should I participate?

- 1st place winners (student and gymnasium student) receive a prize of Excellence, i.e. the possibility for half a year of study in China in the Chinese language program. This option is available for a period of 3 years.

- 1st place winners (student and gymnasium student) get the right to participate in the international "Chinese Language Bridge" competition in the semi-finals and finals in China. Funded trip to China.

- 2nd place winners receive valuable prizes.

- Other participants have a good chance to win other valuable prizes!

The jury appreciates the live performance, knowledge of the Chinese language and general understanding of China. Maximum rating 100 points. In Lithuania, the competition consists of 3 parts:

Part 1. A performance related to Chinese culture (Chinese music, dancing, fine arts, acrobatics, calligraphy, painting, paper cutting, martial arts, etc.). Duration - maximum 10 minutes. Maximum evaluation 30 points.

Part 2. Language related to the topic of the competition, 2 min. duration for high school students and 3 min. duration for students. Maximum evaluation 30 points.

Part 3. Answers to the questions asked by the jury / 4 questions /. Maximum evaluation 40 points.

The topics of the 2021 competition are: "Fly high with Chinese" for high school students, "One world, one family" for students. The competition will take place remotely.

Register for competition by April 21. here.

For more detailed information, contact or 861311849.

Please go to the Official Chinese bridge website for more detailed information about the competition held in China. 

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